Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cheddar Core

Cheddar Core? What is it? The next big thing to be created by Justin Coyne, Izzy Yellen, and Luis Gonzalez. I was asked to join in this project as a producer to help record and create some ideas for this project that I believe will change the world. The original idea of this album was to create soundscapes using only trombone, trumpet, didgeridoo, and spoken word about cheddar. This may seem like a goofy idea that doesn't sound revolutionary but we made sure to run all the sound through effects to change the feels and ideas that they played on the album. We intend to push the bounds in which we created this music having some tracks range from very ambient and others very thought out ways we could mess with effects and sounds. For example the track I have been working hard to finish is this song that we recorded one person saying the word "Cheddar" then we all spent a while huddling around my laptop finding ways to loop and layer his recording to make this "wall of cheddar" it has been a fun project so far and I can't wait to finish it we have a few tracks to do before we release it on Bandcamp for keep your eyes out for it next week. In which I will post a follow up blog post to go more in depth with recording and writing spoken word for the rest of the album.   

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