Monday, January 25, 2016

Insight (Luis has fun)

Ever wonder what goes on in my mind?

Truth is I have no idea as to what really goes on in my head.

I wanted to capture what might be going on in my head while studying. 

I recorded myself for a little over 30 minutes just reading at the library, then went home and watched myself study in real time twice narrating over the entire video both times I watched it. 

This idea of watching myself study was interesting because I wasn't even sure if this is what I naturally do when studying. 

I may have altered what really happens because I knew I was recording myself and knew I wanted to both get stuff done and capture as close to how studying might really happen. 

I then took the long voice recording I had and spliced them up adding some effects and layer them to try and get certain effect, being distracted. 

Distraction I think had a heavy influence on this project because the whole time I was reading or on my laptop I felt distracted by the camera.  


  1. I love this video. As someone with focus problems who gets easily distracted, this really is a perfect depiction of what doing homework feels like.

  2. i really like this video! i think it's such an accurate representation of how studying actually goes. While i was watching, though, i thought it would be cool if you'd set it to music part way through, just a thought :)

  3. Great video, this is me right now trying to write your comment!

  4. I really enjoyed this video! The frantic speed of the time lapse and the overlapping thoughts were a great depiction of what it's like to be in the zone studying