Friday, January 22, 2016

The Origin of The Goat Wizard

The Goat Wizard is my band that I put all of my heart and soul into, its a great project that I am lucky to be a member of. The Goat Wizard started back my freshman year when some one asked me if I had a band that wanted to play a block party. At the time I had no band but said yes I have a band then went up to Greyson and asked if he wanted to start a cover band for this event he said yes and then I thought to ask Will as well. I had played with both of them separately and had worked on an idea that I had with Will. This idea was the intro to Hitana which was very rough and went through some rewriting. I showed this idea to Greyson and he came up with this chord progression that became the chorus. This song would be developed a few more times until we got the final idea down and then we did absolutely nothing with it. When we had all met together as a band we had to come up with an hour set in 2 weeks so we chose random songs that we liked that included "Kids" by MGMT, "Steady as she goes" by the Raconteurs, and our encore song was "All Star" by Smash Mouth. This band was named The Goatz Tea and was a trio but performed with four members having someone cover bass guitar for it. This was the only show that the band played it was great though.

The following year Will was gone and Greyson and I were once again asked about us playing a show we then found Miles and Alex and asked them to start a band with us. This band had now become Luis and Whose Army. We played punk songs and groovy songs covering Interpol, The Meters, The Dead Kennedys, Rage Against the Machines, and Fugazi. This was a fun project that let create these weird mash up of styles, and it was fun. around winter term Will had asked Greyson and I if we could record clean takes of Hitana and send the tracks to him this ended up becoming the first demo of The Goat Wizard. Will had three songs that were ready to be released as his EP but he said he was coming back and wanted those songs to become this new band we would make. This was exciting because I was ready to make this wacky and energetic music. The rest of the school year went by and we all felt that Luis and Whose Army was ready to make more originals. We never got around to making more songs, and over the summer Will and I in the basement of my house recorded what was to be the rest of the EP for The Goat Wizard. Coming back with songs ready to go we asked Greyson and Alex if they wanted to play in the band they were excited but we had no drummer, this lead us to scramble to find one when finally asked Liam who joined the band. This lead up to our current line up ready to create more experimental music.

As the song that really started it all here is a live performance of Hitana.

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