Friday, January 29, 2016

Cheddar Tease

The EP is taking longer than I expected it would take but so far we have a few songs ready to go the band wants to wait to release it as a whole ala Led Zeppelin who also didn't believe in singles. Now I'm not comparing us to Led Zeppelin but if they didn't believe in singles neither will we, speaking of craft singles... The Cheddar Experience. The only thing holding us back from releasing it is that we need more songs which in hopefully a week will have enough songs. I wrote a song that I am very proud of its a punk song that we distorted Justin's trombone and made him sound like a guitar, and then I had Izzy play trumpet to emulate a snare to create this weird punk song. The cherry on top was a short story I created, while zoning out in my Music History class. I thought of these friends becoming so obsessed with cheddar that they found a genie and he turned them into cheddar. Then I wanted to make this story into a song, Beastie Boys came to mind when I started to write and I created these lyrics. These are the best lyrics I have written so far, without further ado I present the lyrics to this wonderful little ditty. I can't wait to premiere the song.

bought a case of RED DOG & A BLOCK OF CHEESE
yo guise what you doing come on lets chill
i gotta case of RED DAWG &       A BLOCK OF CHEESE
Block of cheese…..?


the homies all here and its time to riot
we’re all outta beer and theres half a block of cheddar
ill order some pizza….
with what?


they ate all the pizza man WHAT THE FUCK
now a genie appeared and said man whats up
we ran outta cheddar so the PARTIES DEAD
then he turned us into cheese and guess what kind?

YEAH ITS CHEDDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! x4


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